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My apologies to the world for not updating much.
I'll definitely update when i resign next month o'ryt? my schedule's really tight---so i didnt and dont have time to post.

Anyway, Our 5 boys are doing great. JYJ and HoMin. Our 5 Gods. Our Tohoshinki. I just know they will be back as 5 again. Let's all wait and support them.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Tohoshinki Singing Japanese Children's song♫

Waaaahh!! I really miss the 5 of them performing together like this..don't you? T_T

[TRANS] 100813 Typical Cassiopeia Traits

[TRANS] 100813 Typical Cassiopeia Traits

1. Characteristics

1. Female, usually born in the 80s (after '86), single.
2. Little to no previous dating experience prior to 'meeting' the 5 members of TVXQ. After meeting TVXQ, dates = 0.
3. You compare everyone you meet with the boys and nobody seems to meet your standards besides the 5 of them.
4. You refuse to imagine what life would be like for them after they're married and you feel an immediate dislike towards any female that appears beside them.

2. Process

Main Reasions:
1. Love at first sight: Drawn to the boys because of their appearances, bodies and voices. Reaction to seeing each of the members:
  • Park Yoochun - Ah… look at his warm gaze
  • Kim Junsu - Omo! Look at that adorable smile!
  • Jung Yunho - Oh he's so manly!
  • Shim Changmin - Look at that chiseled jaw…
  • Kim Jaejoong - His eyes are huge… he's so pale and his waist is tiny! (And then you look at yourself and you're overcome with shame)
2. After getting to know them through watching variety shows in such, you fall in love with their personalities, whether it be Yoochun's kindness, Junsu's cuteness, Yunho's cool, Changmin's maturity or Jaejoong's cold appearance and warm personality

3. After learning more and more about the boys, about the stories behind each of them, you are deeply touched and moved by their talent:
  • You're deeply moved by his (Junsu) beautiful voice and touched that he never gave up on his dream even whilst his voice changed
  • You cry when you hear about Yoochun's family and you admire his skill in playing the piano
  • You're awestruck at his (Jaejoong) ability to cook and chilled to the bone by his husky voice
  • You're impressed by genius boy's (Changmin) quick wit, his ridiculously powerful voice and the way he managed to score full marks in his maths test despite having to practice for performances
  • You're unable to tear your eyes off Yunho as he's dancing and rapping
4. You read anything and everything you see related to the boys, you completely lose control whenever you see photos of your bias and you incessantly collect them because you just can't get enough. Without realizing it, you begin to compare all creatures with XY chromosomes (males) to your bias.

5. You're greatly inspired by the boys' determination and dedication and you try as hard as you can to do the same. You want to do well in school and to get one degree after another.

6. When you finally reach the age to start dating, you realize that most people are too afraid to ask you out because they know that you have outrageously high standards.

Credits: TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights

Friday, August 6, 2010


Whoa!!! FINALLY! JYJ will soon release their Mini Album called "The"---(unusual title for an album XD)--even so, I've been anticipating for this!!!

Jacket A


1. いつだって君に
2. Get Ready
3. Long Way
4. W
5. いつだって君に (Instrumental)
6. Get Ready (Instrumental)
7. Long Way (Instrumental)
8. W (Instrumental)

“THANKSGIVING LIVE IN DOME” Rehearsal Movie (tentative)
※Note: this is the longer version of making movie video from one included in the simultaneous release of Live DVD.

(T/N: in first press limited edition of THANKSGIVING LIVE DVD, it’s promised that the DVD will include a bonus behind the scene video, but as noted by RZ through this, the bonus video in THANKSGIVING LIVE DVD will be shorter version than this one.)

いつだって君に – Itsudate kimi ni Special Movie

Jacket B

1. いつだって君に
2. Get Ready
3. Long Way
4. W
5. いつだって君に (Floor on the Intelligence Remix)v
6. Get Ready (Caramel Pod Remix)
7. Long Way (DAISHI DANCE Remix)
8. W (The big sky in the east ver.)

source: JYJ official hp
trans + shared by: SYC 

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hero Jaejoong To Appear In Japanese TV Series!

Hero Jaejoong of Korean idol group TVXQ will appear in a Japanese television drama, according to a source close to the singer.
The source said in a phone call with Asia Economic Daily on Tuesday that "it has recently been confirmed that Hero Jaejoong will appear in a drama to air on Fuji TV."

The pop idol will be starring in the TV series titled "Sunao ni narenakute", written by popular television writer Kitagawa Eriko.
This will be the second collaboration between the famed writer and singer; they first met last year as writer and actor on telecinema "Postman to Heaven", which starred Hero Jaejoong and Korean actress Han Hyo-joo.
"Sunao", a story of friendship between a man and a woman who became acquaintances through Twitter, will star top Japanese actors Eita and Ueno Juri of smash hit TV series "Nodame Cantabile". Eita is set to play a newbie cameramen while Ueno will portray a temporary high-school teacher.
The series, which premieres in April, will be broadcast every Thursday at 10 p.m.

Hero Jaejoong debuted in 2004 in the five-member boy band TVXQ, one of the most successful K-pop acts in Asia. They reportedly have the largest fanbase in the world and have enjoyed great success in the Japanese music industry in particular.
The band became the first foreign artist to top the Oricon singles charts six times with their 27th single "Share the World/We are!" released last year.

YAY!!----i've been waiting for this!!---actually--I want the 5 of them to be in a Japanese drama! YAY!!


Non-no 7 Questions for 5 members

Q&A to understand the hot-topic 5

Questions Here:

Q1) A girl’s behavior and speech that makes you want to hug her at once?

Q2) Please tell us your sexy point!

Q3) What is a requirement of a cool man?

Q4) Please write an emoticon/picture you use a lot in messaging!

Q5) Within all your singles, the one with the most emotion in it is?

Q6) The hebirote song in your iPod is? (note: I don’t know what Hebirote means…and it seems neither did Junsu on another page of the magazine. I think it’s means a song you really like based on their answers…)

Q7) Please tell us what you recommend in your album.

His skillful dancing is on a whole other level. A reliable leader…


1) When I see her making food for me, I feel like hugging her. For words, it’ll be “I only like you.” Although no one said this to me before (laughs)!!

2) Maybe after I take off my clothes? I see myself in the mirror quite often after taking a bath. But I don’t think I look in the mirror too often compared with the other members. Junsu and Jejung look in the mirror all the time!

3) Actions instead of words. I think having a sense of responsibility is the most important. It’s not just promising things to the others around you, but to be able to act on them. I think this is the most important thing to a guy. I’m also trying my best to do this.

4) (Pic: Smiley face heart smiley face) This represents someone else and me and the mutual trust between us. I usually use it to say “It’ll be okay!” or “Cheer up!”

5) It has to be HUG. It’s because of this song that Tohoshinki exists. I really liked that song back then, but since it was our first time recording, there are noticeable differences between then and now (he’s saying it’s worse), like the pronunciation (laughs). Even though we put a lot of zeal in singing it, when I hear it now, it sounds a bit stiff. I feel that you can tell “Ah! It’s from a new artist!” But it does bring back memories. It’s a shame that we couldn’t but “愛せない愛したい” in the album this time. I really like this song, and because I was young back then, I didn’t really understand the meaning of the song. But if I sing it now, I may be able to transmit some of those feelings to the audience!

6) Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”. I constantly listen to it!

7) This is an album filled with memories of Tohoshinki since our debut, and you can really feel our growth here. When you see the DVD, you’ll probably feel that we’ve matured. Various patterns of “Rising Sun” are included, and if you could listen to it once more carefully, I would be really happy. Through this album… This is a present from all of us.

Even though he’s the youngest, he’s focused. The charm of his high voice…


1) The back-view of a girl cooking. Not only that, but also when she’s washing dishes, doing housework, etc. If it’s her words, it’s “I’m cold!” It makes me want to protect her (from the cold).

2) Maybe my jaw line? I’ve been working out recently, so my jaw line has become sharper.

3) I recently think it’s when it’s cool when a guy always has sufficient time to do everything. For example, say you have to leave by 3 o’clock and finish preparing by 2:50. Instead of being limited to the schedule, prepare ahead so that you can move freely about. I really treasure the time when I’m free to do something that gives me a sense of accomplishment in private during time off from work or during holidays…

4) (smiley picture) This is like a picture of someone smiling and feeling shy at the same time. I use it when I want to say sorry, like after a joke. I think messaging is troublesome, which is why I call people more often, but if I have a girlfriend, I’ll message her often!

5) Beautiful You. The shooting area for the PV was a wedding place, but I thought it was really pretty. If I get married here, I imagine that many people would congratulate me. I would also be super happy (laughs) and it’ll probably be very memorable. I also like the content of the lyrics. I think everyone has a first love. Even though the lyrics are simple, I think everyone would be able to relate.

6) Maroon 5’s “Sandy Monica”. I listen to it at least once a day.

7) Because this album is called “Best Selection” and not “Best Album”, we picked with great care the songs to be included in this CD. We wish that these songs would bring you happiness if you listened to them once again, and with this thought in mind, we chose our songs. Please listen to all the tracks from beginning to end without skipping.

Called Asia’s treasure…


1) When a girl is jealous. If I had to work in a place where other girls are around, I want to see her say “No~ (in cutesy way)” or “Don’t go~”. It would make me happy, and I cannot help but hug her. It’s cute. But if she says it too much, that’s not good (laughs)!!

2) My butt! It’s a bit small, but it perks up… I can’t think of anything else but my butt.

3) A considerate heart. Whether it’s towards girls, friends, it’s to think of others before yourself. Of course, in work too! I think that’s the most manly thing.

4) (^^ii) When I’m shy and embarrassed, I use this quite often.

5) Whenever I sing “Forever Love”, I cry! The melody and lyrics really enter your heart. Even though we have other sad songs, this song has… parts that relate and link to my experiences. I usually cry singing this in Tokyo Dome and other concerts. To not make the melody or tune sound weird, I try my best to hold (my tears) in…but the tune usually comes out weird anyways (laughs). It’s really a song that makes you cry!! The most emotional part is when I face Yuchun and harmonize with him. Also in the last part where I harmonize with Jejung too!

6) Brian McKnight’s “One Last Cry”. I like the whole atmosphere of the song. I heard it a long time ago, but I still sing it myself quite often now~ I constantly have it on repeat.

7) I’m really happy that we’re able to release a best album. The reason we’re able to come here, myself and Tohoshinki as a group, is because of everyone’s support during this long period. This album contains all of our memories, from the hard times to the happy ones. Please listen to it a lot.

Proficient in English and the guy who has a sexy low voice…


1)When she wakes up in the morning, brushing her teeth while her hair is still ruffled and wearing a guy’s shirt…I want to hug her then~

2) My wide forehead….not! My thick lips!! My bottom lip is really thick. I wished it was thicker before. I think when my mom gave birth to me and saw my lips, she must have said “Oh my! His lips are thick!” (laughs).

3) A guy with enough time. Rather than a person who does something hungrily (as if pressed for time), someone who is more relaxed. I tried my best going out and not staying at home recently. When I’m in Korea, I go out on drives alone often. I drive around famous spots while listening to music in the car. I want to drive in Japan too, but aren’t the car lanes opposite? I’m feel uneasy about the traffic rules too.

4) (TT TT;;) This is like saying “Hurry and come”. I use this when I feel happy or lonely.

5) Shine. Honestly, I thought this song had a weak impact at first. But now when I hear it, I like it because it’s a happy song, and the PV is quite stylish too. The dance is nice also. That’s why I think it would be nice if we could promote this song more through activities.

6) Lil’ John & the East Side Boyz feat. Usher & Ludacris ‘s “Lovers and Friends”. The arrange is really simple, but to express yourself fully in that simplicity is really rare. When I travel, I listen to it a lot. I listen to….Tohoshinki’s songs too, but only from time to time (laughs).

7) It’ll put you in a lovely mood! Please support this album!! We hope you don’t listen to this album with memories of past songs and activities, but to listen to it with the expectations of new activities and songs. We’re filled with hopes for the future.

Beautiful face X Beautiful Voice. But a completely natural personality?


1) When I see a girl with a petite figure, I really want to hug her. It’s not that petite girls are my type, but I just want to try hugging her (laughs). Don’t they look small and cute? Words that make my heart race…what is it… “I’m sleepy” etc. Are they words someone said to me before? What/What? It’s just my imagination!!

2&3) My broad shoulders. There are a lot of guys with muscles in Korea, so when I go back, I work out a lot, and when I come back to Japan, I stop. Japan has a lot of “herbivore boys”, right? That’s why I try to fit in with them. My body is very busy!

4) (!!) I write this because when I’m with Yuchun, he writes it a lot~! That’s why I use it. When a message like “Jejung, have you eaten yet?” comes, I’ll write back “I’ve eaten!!”

5) Love in the Ice <3 It’s probably the most emotional song out of them all. I cry a lot singing this. Whether it’s the chorus or the last part, I cry in them all!! I also like “Share the World”. It makes me feel good singing it!

6) J.Holiday’s songs. Even though the singing is good, I think the arrangement is amazing. He’s like my type of person. I listen to Tohoshinki’s songs sometimes. During that time, my Korean friend told me “So that’s how it is in Japan” regarding “The Secret Code” album. After, he said, “There’re quite a lot of songs”. Our image in Japan and Korea are a bit different. He also said it was really great that we sang other types of songs too!!

7) Personally I think it’s a shame that “Kiss the Baby Sky” wasn’t in this album. I really love that song! Also “愛せない愛したい”!! If I could, I would put all of them in there, but it’s a shame we couldn’t. We picked the best out of the best songs, so we hope you listen to it a lot!!

Source: Non-No Magazine
Translated by: whisperpuppies@soompi
Shared by: lovetohateme@wordpress

Non-No Magazine Interview (DBSK members describe themselves)


I have various charms (laughs)

I’m not really sure about myself, but people around me say I’m free, sexy, difficult to approach, and other things… But I guess that means I’m charming in various ways! Hahaha (laughs)!! I always treasure the people I like, like the staff, my family, and others close to me, but to not let others who don’t really know me misunderstand me, I usually only say greetings. That’s why, I hear that I have a cold personality often. They tell me greetings are different from properly talking to them. It’s not that I’m afraid of showing myself to others, but I’m not good at making friends with others from the start. But personally, I think greetings are important, and I greet others often, so I wonder why others still tell me that I have a cold personality… (laughs bitterly). When I’m with the members, I get high when Junsu does. I really want to thank him for being sensitive (lit: reading the atmosphere)and livening up the atmosphere at times. But I’m quick at reading the atmosphere/situation too! It’s not that I consciously read into something, but I can feel it immediately from others’ expressions and their words. But when I’m too sensitive to others reactions (lit: read too much into atmosphere) and hold back what I want to say, I feel like exploding from stress. To move forward from those times, and to forget things I want to forget, I hint to them sometimes. If I do that, I really do forget after a month. I’m proud of that (laughs). Well, I’m basically a positive person! I enjoy work too! I feel lucky.

LOL----I like the way Yuchun described himself lol..CHARMING..*giggles* He really is close to nice..^^

Recently, I’ve become more mature and fixed my shyness.

Even though it’s embarrassing to say this out of my own mouth, I thought that I had the face of a “good boy” and a “good student” from a long time ago. But I felt pressured because of those views. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks this, but I feel that I must always show my best side to others. Contrary to everyone’s thoughts, I’m really not a good student (laughs)!! The truth is, I’m usually unsparing (when criticizing). Actually, I’m more at ease when I’m like that. I feel that I can’t hold myself back anymore, and I’ve given up completely. I’ve become colder to others. I’m determined not to look back, even when it’s in love. People often say I’m shy, but I’ve changed recently and became more mature. But I still place utmost importance when it comes to consideration for girls. I have two younger sisters, and when I was young, my father often told me to treat girls kindly. Unknowingly, it’s become part of me. I do want to be kind to my sisters…but I haven’t said it aloud. It’s a bit embarrassing tell them that I’m grateful for them and for their love because it’s family… Actually, my whole family isn’t good at saying those things. I guess we’re all shy. But we have a sharp tongue. I guess we’re that type of family (laughs).

Ahahaha---being frank about what you feel isn't bad (well, it depends on a situation though..XDD)..
Changmin is right, we have to show the others our good sides..hahaha but like him---I'm pretty shy..I don't know how to convey my thoughts and feelings that people think I'm cold..
I guess I understand Changmin very well..^^
Awww..what a nice family..hehehehe.

I want to become an adult who can handle work and love at the same time

When I’m with my members only, I’m really quiet. It isn’t that I’m super-quiet, but I’m shy. I was really shy back then, and it was worse then. I was really at loss when it came to meeting people for the first time, even in normal places. I didn’t know what I should talk about. I’m especially weak when it comes to girls (laughs). I really wanted to talk to them, but I couldn’t speak well. I’ve become better lately…but compared with the members, I’m not! Because I’m not good at talking, I like girls who are bright (Note: weird wording). But if I meet a girl I like, I’ll definitely confess to her first. That’s because I’m a guy! I work hard at telling jokes…and I really want to thank the people who tell me they’re funny even when they’re not (laughs). The funny thing is that I would tell them to myself to raise my spirits sometimes. That’s because I become happy when everyone laughs. However, I don’t want to have to think hard about carrying out jokes or relationships, I want to naturally do it. I want to live showing my true self to others. These thoughts may change as I grow older, but I really don’t know yet. But…I want to become capable adult, whether it’s for work, in private, or for my state of mind…and of course for the girl I love! It’s embarrassing~~ (laughs)!!

Awww Junsu is as cute as ever! hahahaha.. he's a sweet guy don't you think?..(I think he is..)
Often times I find him funny when he jokes around..especially when the other 4 members think it's not funny at all!..(*pats junsu*)
Wah!!--I have to talk to Junsu and ask him for advice..he said he gradually overcame his shyness..and I need mine to vanish as well..
(I'm Junsu's opposite..--I can't look at the guy i like , nor speak to him..even get near him..!!!--disaster ne? lol)


I’ll protect the person I love with my life

I work hard as Tohoshinki’s leader, but when I’m with my friends or members, I’m just a normal guy. I am courteous, and tell jokes too. Although my original personality doesn’t change, I’m different from the Yunho you see at work. I’m a bit more energetic. Changmin always tells me, “Yunho-aniki (older brother) seems pure and simple like a high school student.” That’s because Changmin usually emits more of an aura than I do (laughs). Lately, I personally enjoy traveling here and there. Even when I’m busy, I try to make time for travelling. Changmin is filming in Jejudo right now, and I went there to cheer him on, telling him to do his best. I also snowboarded there! It was a great adventure. I didn’t know how people my age pass their days before. I wore a mask and a cap, and dressed like a normal university student. Just by walking here and there in that 5-6 hours, I felt that there are so many people living their various lives to the fullest. That became my drive, and I carried a new attitude towards my work. Because I’m the leader, I tend to be the leading type in love. If I like someone, I would date her for a long time, like 3-4 years. I cannot date or love someone lightly. But I would probably observe her as a friend for 2-3 years before dating her. If I then think she really is a good girl, I would immediately confess to her. But right now, I still have my dreams and I need to work hard at my job and level myself up. After that, I’ll protect the girl I love with my life.

Aww Yunho! He's personality is very manly..a gentleman!! The girl he'll love will be very very lucky to have him..


I’m a bit masochistic during work. I don’t want to become overly full of myself.

Even though I thought my image in my first meeting was very important…how should I say this…my image was a bit weak?? It’s more like I looked like a bad boy. But after I debuted in Japan I became a brighter. I thought my image was colder in Korea, and I wanted to change my image a bit. I mean, wouldn’t you dislike it if my personality was the same as my appearance? I’m sad when people misunderstand me. For example, if Junsu says “Idiot!”, others would see it like a joke. But if I say the same thing, everyone would probably think I really mean it. The normal Jejung is absolutely not cold at all~ If I had to say it in one word, I’m a bit M (laughs). When everyone says “I’m tired~ It’s too bothersome~”, I’ll say “I’ll do it first!” Changmin is the same. We like work!! I am a bit spontaneous too. I would suddenly become happy and sad sometimes, a bit masochistic in work, but I think I’m an S-type in love… But I’m conscious of these sides. Because I know myself the best (laughs). I want to treasure this gap. Well, I don’t want to become overly full of myself (Lit: Doesn’t want to refer to himself as ore-sama). I would hate that. I want to become a friendly companion to everyone.

Jejung-san never fail to make me smile!!♥
My first impression of JJ is..he had this "feminine-ish" aura and at the same time "bad boy"..
But as I lived my everyday listening to their music..watching concerts and vids..I find him sadistic and a gentleman type of guy..hahaha..he's very caring towards his friends and family..
he does joke around like everyone else----but yes, sometimes he looks serious when cracking jokes..but still,  I find it it not? XD

oh,,we're opposite..I'm an S-type to my friends and family..but an M-type when it comes to


Source: lovetohateme

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鏡に映った 掛け違えたシャツのボタン

逢えない時間が 僕らの愛を強くした

それぞれを待つ日々は 忙しく過ぎるけど
こんなにも こんなにもただ…

逢いたくて ずっと君を思うよ… 心から君を
もう一度 my heart 伝えたくて
君が呼べば 僕は行くよ

ふとした瞬間 傷ついてしまった心
ひとりじゃ直せない痛み 僕が癒したいよ

今逢えない時なら ただ君の面影を
抱きしめて 抱きしめてほら…

どんな日も ずっと君思うよ…心から君を
もう二度と your heart 離さないから
君が泣けば 僕は行くよ

君が望むなら 全てを尽くして
君の描く未来 永遠の夢を叶えたい I wish
君の描く未来 永遠の夢を叶えたい I wish

逢いたくて ずっと君を思うよ… 心から君を
何度でも to heart 贈る smile for you
悲しくても 嬉しくても

With all my heart
With all my heart
With all my heart
Find me, and I’ll be there for you
Find me, and I’ll be there for you
Find me, and I’ll be there for you

A Message From a Member of the Resort JJ & YC went at

"I had never imagined that TVXQ’s interview at 예다울 (Yedawol) would attract so much attention!

Thanks to TVXQ’s fans for so many comments. (I hope everyone will divert all those warm-hearted attention into the concern of our 예다울!)

Hence, in order to satisfy fan’s curiosity, we will post up pictures that only the owner of 예다울 (Yedawol) has! (*Weep* I had no other ideas what to do! ㅠ.ㅠ)

(T/N : He is describing the situation when the picture was taken)
Honk Honk! A handsome young man driving a charming car — Micky Yoochun!

The in-love-with-cars owner of 예다울 (Yedawol) heart beats twice as fast as he saw Micky.

Later, he took a picture with his camera, but at a distance as far as possible! (What a coward! Haha!)

Anyways, on that day when TVXQ arrived, it was raining heavily and it was dangerous to drive on the road. Fortunately, no accidents happened and the vehicle was not damaged. The manager was worried and asked whether the boys were tired, yet they kept smiling and everyone felt glad.
However, Jae Joong was a bit shy as he didn’t spoke a lot. I understand that it’s our first time meeting and

there were no topics that we could discuss about, but I see he was trying his best by giving his smile.

The boys said that they didn’t know that 예다울 (Yedawol) had an entertainment room, hence, they suggested that they should play for a while since they were already here. Even though it’s time to leave the place, the boys continued to play “Battle of the Iron Fists” and Jae Joong was so serious at it!--Ahahaha *cheers JJ*--*Aja Aja fighting* 

I originally planned to buy a CD and request for their autographs, who knows, there was a snow storm!

In such a situation, I had no choice but to replace the CD with a white A4 paper. (Micky said if there’s the need, he is willing to sign for more.)

Later, we went for a BBQ and I asked Micky if he needed anything, to my surprise, he answered “I need love.” (T/N : LOL) It was getting late and the boys were heading back. Despite the cold temperature, they didn’t close the window (of the car) and greeted us with new year blessings. At that moment, I thought to myself, “They are really people who are polite and respectful!”
----LOL aww Yuchun needs love ♥hugshugs♥

After the visit of TVXQ, colleagues discussed for a long time and we thought that celebrities were cold and scary. To our surprise, they were even nicer than normal people, to the extend that I can’t describe using praises! I hope that they will stay strong, rise as Asia’s handsome TVXQ and be recognized by the world! Our staff will always support you!"

Fans of TVXQ, please support TVXQ more!

Translation: Lynn @
Special Thanks: faithintvxq @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

CD DATA March Issue – Jaejoong’s Interview

From the very beginning, Jaejoong has not been afraid of strangers, unlike Yoochun.

When he couldn’t communicate using words, Jaejoong loves using body language.

When Mr. A (I’m not sure who) just met him, he said that Jaejoong’s body was amazing from all the workout, and his hair went down to his shoulders. He gave the impression of an adult, but he’s actually childlike – very different from the first impression (he got from him).

Jaejoong doesn’t like to eat alone. He’s the lead singer in the group, but he doesn’t stand in front during interviews; he listens to what the other members say. He thinks about the others’ answers, and then does his own thinking before opening his mouth. This makes him very easy to get along with. However, deep inside his heart, there is loneliness – Jaejoong is this kind of youth.

Also, the songs that could express his nature, and can make one cry are “Begin” and “Bolero.”

In the “BEST SELECTION 2010″ album, Jaejoong picked “Love in the Ice.” This song was originally recorded in their 3rd album “T.” It was (also) sung during the second encore at their Tokyo Dome Concert. For fans, this is especially memorable. “During our Tokyo Dome Concert, this was the most unforgettable song because many people cried. I was deeply moved, and I shed tears, too. Now, whenever I sing this, I think about how I can continue singing. It really is a blessing.” —Jaejoong

In the moment where dreams are achieved with the most cherished people — every time he hears this song, Hero will always think of the Red Ocean.

Source: CD DATA + jaetime + baidutvxq
Translation: AinoKami @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

--Awww---I don't know what to say..this guy just make me feel soooo inspired..♥jj♥--waahh I want to hear his voice face to face..♫

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy 24th Birthday Yunho!

♫おたんじょび おめでとう♫
We (Cassiopeias) wish you all the best!!!
we pray everything will be alright (case with SME) before this year ends.
いつも いつまでも ここ に いる よ!

Friday, February 5, 2010

[Trans] 100103 TVXQ Japan Contract will Expire in June?

AVEX official gave an official stand related to the chaotic/confusion among TVXQ fans both in Korea and Japan which has been happening after the article about TVXQ already stepped on disbanding procedure was released by Japanese newspapers.
On the 3rd, Nikkan Sports Japan quoted Japanese official from AVEX company, “The policy of TVXQ to work as five members doesn’t yet to change.”
However, as been informed, TVXQ contract with their Japan company AVEX will expire in June. If the contract is not extended from now on, whether TVXQ can continue activities in Japan, it won’t be yet secured.
Currently TVXQ Changmin and Yunho still remain under SM Entertainment while the rest members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu have left expanding their each individual activities.
Just sometime ago, in Japan TVXQ attended NHK’s year-end award festival Kouhaku Uta Gassen as five members for the first time, however the three members, whose provisional disposition application to terminate exclusive contract against SM Entertainment was accepted by the Korea court as the issue of court injunction, seem to be more passionate in the performance and there was an unseen tense and emotional conflict with the remaining two members that makes the current situation is impossible to predict.
The problem now is whether SM will extend the contract of the 3 members with AVEX after June. The fact that currently TVXQ is at their peak of popularity in Japan is something that can not be ignored under any condition especially in relation to revenue circumstances.
TVXQ is now in a situation of an attempt to reach into final decision amicably to be able to work together in a long-term in Japan.

Whaaaattt!!-----Omo!---this dispute must be solved before their contract on Avex expires!! huhuhu *shouts to SM* "Please end this now!"
Credit: Korea Economic Daily

TVXQ Chosen By American Viewers

TVXQ has been chosen by viewers of a famous American talk show as ‘the foreign artiste who should be introduced to Ellen’.

In the ‘Send Ellen Your International Music Suggestions!’ event that began on NBC’s ‘Ellen Degeners Show’ homepage in January, TVXQ received over 20,000 suggestions and was recorded as the artiste most suggested by netizens. This was achieved by a collaborative effort of fans in Korea as well as in Asia.
Many of the suggestions included the popularity of TVXQ/Tohoshinki in Japan and in Asia in general. This seems to be the work of fans across Asia coming together for a common cause.
With TVXQ being chosen as the singer with the most suggestions, many wonder if TVXQ will appear on the ‘Ellen Degeneres Show’. The ‘Ellen Degeneres Show’ is a representative talk show in America alongside ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ and is popular with around 10 million households tuning in. Even just appearing on the show will be a strong foundation for an entry into the American music market for TVXQ. The Ellen Degeneres Show homepage did state that the singer with the most suggestions may be asked to appear on the show.

Regarding this, TVXQ’s agency SM Entertainment stated, “We did hear about this but we have not yet received an official invitation.” He also continued to say, “Currently, TVXQ is split between U-Know Yunho-Choikang Changmin, and Xiah Junsu-YoungWoong Jaejoong-Micky Yoochun. At the current situation, it would not be easy for the five members to appear on the show together.” Currently, TVXQ is performing only in important events in Japan.


Break Out MV

Wohohoho--cool ne?--I'm currently downlaoding the HD version..
The first time I heard this song---honeslty..I didn't like it...but as I listen to it every once in a while...I got to like it ^^. It's groovy. The MV's just like their "Survivor" MV..

Here's the Lyric and Translation:

I keep praying don’t forget it
Baby we keep the faith eternally

I keep praying don’t forget it
Baby we keep the faith eternally

Mitsumeteru yume wa ima
Yoake mae no tooi sora

Tashikameru you ni terashi dasu yo
Aruku michinori to sono saki wo

Higa nobori kurikaeshi owari no nai namida wa nai
Itsuka wa sou omoeru kara ikiru yo

Break out! Break out!
Ashita e no doa
hiraku kagi wa kitto kimi no te no naka

Break out! Break out!
Tsukamitore mirai
Unmei nante kitto make yourself
kimi shidai

I keep praying don’t forget it
Baby we keep the faith eternally

Kakenukeru kono hibi ga
Sora no mukou ni nagaretemo

Waratta kimi wo omoidaseba
Itsu datte toki wa modoru kara

Kaketa tsuki no katachi wo umeru you ni hito wa deai
Kokoro hitotsu ni awasette

Break out! Break out!
Kitto namida wa
Kanashimi janaku te yume no ashi ato

Break out! Break out!
Kimi dake ni shika
Dekinai koto ga aru believe yourself shinjite

I keep praying don’t forget it
Baby we keep the faith eternally

I keep praying don’t forget it
Baby we keep the faith eternally

Sono negai ga kanau you ni
Inori tsuzukeru kara itsumo hi mo

Break out! Break out!
Kitto namida wa
Kanashimi janakute yume no ashiato

Break out! Break out!
Kimi dake ni shika
Dekinai koto ga aru believe yourself shinjite

Break out! Break out!
Ashita e no doa
hiraku kagi wa kitto kimi no te no naka

Break out! Break out!
Tsukamitore mirai
Unmei nante kitto (Yunho) make yourself kimi shidai

I keep praying don’t forget it
Baby we keep the faith eternally

I keep praying don’t forget it
Baby we keep the faith eternally


I keep praying don’t forget it
Baby we keep the faith eternally
I keep praying don’t forget it
Baby we keep the faith eternally

I’m now gazing at the far sky now, before dawn
As if I’m making sure to light up the path ahead
Sun will rise repeatedly
There are no endless tears
I can think like that someday, so I will live

Break out! Break out!
The door which leads to tomorrow
The key that opens it must be in your hand
Break out! Break out!
Grasp the future
Such a thing as the fate surely
Make yourself
It’s in your hands

I keep praying don’t forget it
Baby we keep the faith eternally

Even if these assign days drift away to the other sides
When I remember your smile
The time will always return
As if in the waning moon shape.
People meet
Put their hands together and shine
Break out! Break out!

Tears are surely
Not sadness, they are the footprints of dreams
Break out! Break out!
There are things only you can do
Believe yourself

I keep praying don’t forget it
Baby we keep the faith eternally
I keep praying don’t forget it
Baby we keep the faith eternally

In order for that wish to be granted
I will continue to pray Any day , oh

Break out! Break out!
Tears are surely
Not sadness, they are the footprints of dreams
Break out! Break out!
There are things only you can do
Believe yourself
Believe (break out break out)
The door which leads to tomorrow
The key that opens it must be in your hand
Break out! Break out!
Grasp the future
Such a thing as the fate surely
Make yourself
It’s in your hands (I keep praying)
Baby we keep the faith eternally
I keep praying
Don’t forget it
Baby we keep the faith eternally
Break out! Break out!

credits: luvdbsk

Junsu on Mozart Musical

Aww look at Junsu!---he looks pretty! ----oh add the word "adorable"

Tohoshinki's New Song With All My Heart 〜君が踊る、夏〜(included in Best Album)

According to the magazine 「BACKSTAGE PASS March Issue」which was released on 27 January, a new song 「With All My Heart 〜君が踊る、夏〜」(T/N: With All My Heart~ You Dance, Summer~) has been recorded in CD2 of the 「2CD+DVD(A)「RZCD-46503〜4/B」version of Korean popular vocal group Tohoshinki’s best album 「BEST SELECTION 2010」.

Besides the song 「With All My Heart 〜君が踊る、夏〜」in CD2, the members also selected the following songs: 「Forever Love(JUNSU)」「SHINE(YUCHUN)」「Love in the Ice(JEJUNG)」「Beautiful you (CHANGMIN)」「HUG(YUNHO)」and two more songs 「甘く果てしなく」(T/N: Eternally Sweet) and「BREAK OUT!」will be included, making it a total of 9 songs.

source: [oops-music]
translation credits:
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TOHOSHINKI Still Rocking Japan!

Korean idol group TOHOSHINKI graces the March cover of JJ magazine
TOHOSHINKI is still insanely popular in Japan. The March issue of women's fashion magazine "JJ", which featured the boy band on the cover, sold out in just two days of going on sale January 23. This is the first time that a male group appeared on the cover of "JJ", a magazine which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year. "Starting last March, we ran a special feature section on TOHOSHINKI for three months and it was a huge sensation," a source at "JJ" explained. "Our theme for the cover is 'surprise' and we wanted to prepare a surprise present for TOHOSHINKI fans, so we have been asking TOHOSHINKI [to shoot the cover] since last summer and they had finally said yes this time." The people at "JJ" explained that since the photo shoot and interview were conducted in late December, the members were running on busy schedules -- with their upcoming appearances on NHK TV's "Red and White Song Battle" and Japan Record Awards -- but they were so committed that they ended up working overtime and the atmosphere on the set was warm and friendly throughout. The TOHOSHINKI "Valentine's Day Special" feature includes an eight-page photo spread, a 100-question survey which reveals the personal lives of the five members and a chance to win an autographed picture of the pop idols.
The explosively popular issue of "JJ" then started selling at online website Auction with a bidding price of JPY 5,000 yen, which is several times the original sale price (JPY 650 yen). Numerous fan sites heated up with fans' complaints such as "I want to buy the magazine but no one is selling", "I realized once again how popular TVXQ is. I knew it was hard to buy their concert ticket but did not know it would be just as hard getting a magazine." Eventually on January 25, "JJ" decided to reprint its March issue and distribute the reprinted magazines to bookstores around the country starting January 29.

TOHOSHINKI had another reason to celebrate: their new single "BREAK OUT!", released January 27, reached No. 1 on Oricon's singles chart. The 29th single has been chosen as the theme song to NHK drama "Tomehane! Suzuri Koko Shodobu", which premiered on January 7 and airs every Thursday at 8 p.m. The single sold 169,842 copies on the day of its release, outselling No. 2 single L'Arc-en-Ciel's "BLESS" (which sold 33,051 copies) by a mile. "BREAK OUT!" also topped Oricon's survey for "The Most Anticipated New Single Album" on January 22, a day before its release. With the upcoming release of their first best album "BEST SELECTION 2010" set for February 17, it will be interesting to see if TVXQ continues their sell-out run.

Reporter : Im Da-ham (Tokyo Correspondent)
Editor : Lynn Kim, Lee Ji-Hye

<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

Source: 10asia
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TVXQ in Yahoo Japan Annual Search Ranking!

Most Favorite Fashion of Celebrities
From Jan 25,2009 - Jan 25,2010


13 # Tohoshinki

Male Celebrities:
6 # Tohoshinki
11# Yuchun
20# Jaejung

Congratulations again Tohoshinki!!♥♥♥♥♥
I admit----even though i love JJ more than anyone else..Yuchun's fashion is the best among the 5 members..^^

Junsu to be Featured in Japan's Number One Selling Men's Magazine!

Omo!! I thought I've read it wrong..but YES!--XIAH KIM JUNSU will be featured in Japan's no. 1 selling magazine! I think, he'll be interviewed by March--and the article will be on the "May" issue.

here's the March issue:

Tohoshinki isn't just popular among women but among men as well!?? whoa! すごい! *バンザイ!!*
my source is'll be more difficult to get concert tickets----and tvxq will be unreachable (since they are very popular)..Omo~omo~
the more I want to reach 'em ^__^

Source: Tohomobile + Smart + Bigeast

Translation: Junsulv @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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JJ on S Cawaii Magazine (March 2010 issue)

Here's a glimpse to JJ's article on S Cawaii mag ^___^

Click photo to view larger image (right click, push "save as" button)

Awww I love these pics!!---JJ looks like he wasn't nervous during the photoshoot ne? ahhh
ジエジュン は ほんとう に ハンサム です ね?!
I wish I could read these Kanji characters so I could understand both the questions and answers..

credits: lovetohateme

Best Album Poster

I dunno---according to my source *evil laughs* this picture is taken for TVXQ's poster on their Best Selection Album.

Click the photo for a larger view: (right click, then push "save as" button)


Did you guys notice their hairstyles?? lol---all I know..they look HOT and handsome! All of them dressed formal except JJ..he looks like a rock-star--(but I love it anyway hahahaha)
waahh I wish I could buy the complete set of this album..*prays*

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy 24th Birthday JJ-san!

♥おたんじょび おめでとう♥

もう 24さい です ね? ^^
おめでとう!! *かんぱい!*
あなた は 私 の インスペレシヨン だから 元気 だね!
ずっと,Cassiopeias は ここ に いる よ! TVXQ の そば に まって います. *fighting*
好き だ.. その 事 を 忘れないで ください.

  ジエジュンリアン より 

♫   my music is my life..for you, for your smile  ♫

Friday, January 15, 2010

[INFO] 100114 Doushite included in 'Unrequited Love'

Tohoshinki’s "どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? Why did I fall in love with you?” will be included in the compilation album ‘Unrequited Love’ by Rhythm Zone releasing on the 24th of March 2010.

The songs in the album are selected based on the research data by Japan's largest social network system known as ‘MIXI’.

Source: TVXQ-Yard
Translation: sshutingg @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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[TRANS] 100114 Tohomobile - Junsu's Thank You Message

This is a special feature only for people who have sent Junsu birthday wishes via Tohomobile.

"Thank you for your birthday wishes.

I was very happy.

Since I have turned 23, I want to challenge myself with many many things.

Everyone, please support me more than Yoochun.


~Cool Junsu~
Ahahaha-----"please support me more than yuchun"-----LOL this is cute Junsu!!

Best Album Tracklist

  • 2CD+DVD ver. 5,040 yen (T/N: approximately $55 USD)


2.Share The World

3.My Destiny

4.どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (Why Did I Fall In Love With You?)

5.Purple Line

6.Stand by U

7.Stay With Me Tonight

8.明日はくるから (Asu wa Kuru Kara [Because Tomorrow Comes])

9."O"-正・反・合- (O San Hei Go)


11.Somebody To Love

12.Lovin' you

13.Rising Sun

14.Summer Dream



【CD2】 (9 songs)

1 ~ 5: Member's choice songs

6. Amaku Hateshinku

7. Toki wo Tomete

+ Two additional songs (T/N: possibly unreleased songs!)


LIVE Digest (1st Live Tour - 4th)

Offshot (First Press only)

In addition, a 24 page booklet and 1 of six postcards.

■CD+DVD 4,200 yen (T/N: approx. $46 USD)



2.Share The World

3.My Destiny

4.どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (Why Did I Fall In Love With You?)

5.Purple Line

6.Stand by U

7.Stay With Me Tonight

8.明日はくるから (Asu wa Kuru Kara [Because Tomorrow Comes])

9."O"-正・反・合- (O San Hei Go)


11.Somebody To Love

12.Lovin' you

13.Rising Sun

14.Summer Dream



【DVD B】 (10 songs) + 1 additional song

Karaoke version of live songs and popular songs

Proposed video journal

Share the world, Stand by U (Member version) etc.

Karaoke version of "BREAK OUT!"
In addition, a 24 Page booklet and 1 of 6 postcards.

■CD+DVD ver. 2800 yen (T/N: approx. $31 USD)



2.Share The World

3.My Destiny

4.どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (Why Did I Fall In Love With You?)

5.Purple Line

6.Stand by U

7.Stay With Me Tonight

8.明日はくるから (Asu wa Kuru Kara [Because Tomorrow Comes])

9."O"-正・反・合- (O San Hei Go)


11.Somebody To Love

12.Lovin' you

13.Rising Sun

14.Summer Dream



Translation: lovebyelove @ Soompi
Credits: lovebyelove @ Soompi
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

[TRANS]101114: Little Yunho’s letter to God

This is letter written by yunho when he was in elementary school. It was passed around a long time ago among dbsk and yunho fans and I thought it would be nice to post it to show how mature and sincere he was even at a young age.


Letter to God…

I, Yunho am worried…My grandmother is very sick. If my grandmother is sick, my mother will be heartbroken. I like my grandmother a lot too. Please let her be well! If you do, I will really try my best…I’ll live helping others who are having a hard time. Oh yeah! Is my grandfather doing well? I was really hurt when my granfather left (passed away) first but…it would be nice if it didn’t hurt too much now. I need to study hard and later go to a good college and also need to take care/be good to my parents but…just worry all the time and…I’m confused as to what is what…I want (expect) a lot of things right? I’m just talking about me…but what do you look like, if I will be able to meet you….that’s why I don’t know your worries (I think he’s trying to say he doesn’t even know what God looks like or even be able to meet him so how could he possibly know what God’s worries might be)…God, I’m getting tired all of a sudden so I’ll stop writing! God, you’re not only mine. Please take care of everyone around me. I’ll write again. Then, goodbye…

Awwww---Yunho is this sweet until now right? ^^

Credit: lovelyyunho@soompi

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

[TRANS] 100111 Tohoshinki in Japan Record Award 2

~Actually there's a Japanese writing about A-san and Yunohina-san's blogs but I won't include it here..^^~

T/N: Green letters: Words of the blog author, Yunohina. Orange letters: Report of A-san.

Wow~~~A-san sent us a report about our Tohoshinki!

A-san, thank you always! Everyone, please enjoy what the 5 members were doing, watching the performance.

*Oh, A-san was sitting on the 2nd floor, on Yunho’s side … she was looking down at Tohoshinki from the right diagonal angle.

After the opening finished, they exchanged greetings with the artists surrounding them.


As soon as he sat down, both of his hands were on his knees. The five fingers were opened, so cute.
When Kumi Koda’s video was shown, his body was swinging wiht the rhythm. He was watching the screen on his right side, so I was able to see his right profile.
When Bigbang received the Best Newcomer Award, he was clapping his hands all the time while they were singing.
When the program finished and they were walking toward the stage, Yunho and Keita (w-inds) were walking together, arm in arm with each other.


Throughout the performance, he was sitting quietly like a stone…so Yunho encouraged him to clap his hands, lol.
Just before the Japan Record Award was announced, he was stretching, turning his palm (of his hand) inside out.
After the announcement of the Japan Record Award, he sat down and started to smooth out the wrinkles of his jacket.


Jaejoong was speaking frequently to Yoochun.
The whorl of his hair was cute.
When he was looking at the videos, he was taking the rhythm with his right hand as though he was playing a piano.
He was playing around with his fingernails.
When Bigbang was announced as the Best Newcomer Award, he stood up and clenched his fist in triumph (together with Yoochun).
Just before the announcement of the Japan Record Award, he was stretching himself, moving his waist to the left and right.
After the program was finished and they were walking toward the stage, he turned around and bowed to the audience around him.


When he was to sit down, he was looking as though he was thinking “Is this the right place to sit down?”
The whorl of his hair was cute.
He chatted frequently with Jaejoong.
He was touching his sideburns, so cute.


The whorl of his hair was cute.
Sometimes he spoke with Kumi Koda, who is sitting right in front of him. Junsu lips were near Koda’s ears, oh~~
After the performance, when they were going back to stage, his jacket was turned up, so we were able to see his cute butt.

【The 5 members】

When they finished singing, they walked off stage from the left side.
They appeared to be one of the audience around 21:55, coming from the right side of the stage.
When Bigbang received the Best Newcomer Award, all the 5 members were watching, clapping their hands.
When EXILE received the Japan Record Award, all 5 members stood up to applause.

When Bigbang received the Best Newcomer Award, they were speaking in Korean.
I heard at that time, Jaejoong and Yoochun were laughing aloud, clapping their hands
.I was happy to hear that Yunho and Keita (w-inds) were walking together, arm in arm with each other.
The other day, Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu were playing together.
There was a picture in Keita’s blog.
Even when they were not able to be there at that time, Yunho and Changmin should be good friends with Keita, too.
Thank you A-san, for letting us know about the 5 members, which were not broadcasted on TV!

T/N: Though this article is not allowed to be taken out of the blog, I made a special request to the blog author Yunohina in order to share the lovely information with our English speaking friends. I thank Yunohina and also, A-san, who made the lovely report so much. When reposting (if any), please correctly credit as written below, I thank you all for your kind understanding.

Source: ...with TVXQ♡ (Yunohina’s blog)
Translation: smiley @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Seductive Angels!!

Omo..why did God create a seductive angel like this!? Forgive me for I have sinned..


Hahahaha--because of Tohoshinki, I think I became a pervert!! (points finger at YunJae) lol
I accidentally saw this video at "DBSKsleeplessNights" site, I swear----I was searching for "All About DBSK Seasons 1-3 DVD" downloads..and this..*nosebleeds**arrrrgghhh*
JJ should stop doing those..or perverted side would dominate my personality..(is it a bad thing?? lol)-----well, at least..he's not as sexy as Yunho (sorry JJ,.lol)..if you've seen their 4th live tour Secret Code Concert..and you've watched them perform the song "9095"-----I swear Yunho's uber HOOTTTT!!..
(pardon my swearing---for my eyes witnessed sinful acts *ROFL*)

SEE!!! LOL---here's a vid of their TSC concert

and this one's focused on JJ..Cassies are really amazing!!!!!
I think my body's out of blood..*LMAO*
Credits: Tohosexy, DBSKSleeplessNights

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Japanese Fan’s Support Ad in Korean Newspaper

“South Korea, China and Japan are one large union! by Cassie"

[Entertainment News]

"Five Balloons" of the Japanese fan gathering of TVXQ which Kei☆Tand Keroko (both handle name) serve as their representative carried an aid advertisement to support TVXQ on January 4th in the general newspaper page of "Chuo Nippo" of South Korea.

This organization begun the fund-raising campaign named “Tohoshiki SMILE Project” for an aid advertisement, and attained their target figure on December 25. Finally, the total fund-raising amount reached to 2,728,000 yen, and this aid advertising printing had been accomplished.
In the advertisement, five balloons with the names of the five members of TVXQ appeared
on the blue sky, with the written message of love from Japanese fans,

We love you forever,
and we will keep on waiting
until you can show us your smile from the bottom of your heart.
With much love and gratitude, from Japan,”

Many comments were written in a TVXQ's Korean fan site "DNBN",

"I am really impressed by Japanese fans",

"It seems that our nationality, age and gender do not matter when we love TVXQ",

"We were moved by Chinese fans (Chinese fans aid advertisement was carried in the newspaper a while ago), and now Japanese fans. South Korea, China and Japan are one large union."

(T/N: International fans are one with them as well, right?!! YEY!! )

It seems that many fans want five members to work together continuously in 2010.

[Entertainment News] 2010/01/05(Tue.) 11:29:

I've already said these a thousand times or more..CASSIOPEIAS NEVER FAIL TO AMAZE ME..and I'm glad I'm part of that beautiful Red Ocean!!! I really hope our efforts won't go in vain..and our Tohoshinki will remain as TVXQ---as 5 members. We sure wanna see them smiling, sharing the same stage happily again..

Source Credit:

Translation: Junsulv (Responsible for any trans/posting errors etc. )
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Related news in Chinese:,00.html