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Non-no 7 Questions for 5 members

Q&A to understand the hot-topic 5

Questions Here:

Q1) A girl’s behavior and speech that makes you want to hug her at once?

Q2) Please tell us your sexy point!

Q3) What is a requirement of a cool man?

Q4) Please write an emoticon/picture you use a lot in messaging!

Q5) Within all your singles, the one with the most emotion in it is?

Q6) The hebirote song in your iPod is? (note: I don’t know what Hebirote means…and it seems neither did Junsu on another page of the magazine. I think it’s means a song you really like based on their answers…)

Q7) Please tell us what you recommend in your album.

His skillful dancing is on a whole other level. A reliable leader…


1) When I see her making food for me, I feel like hugging her. For words, it’ll be “I only like you.” Although no one said this to me before (laughs)!!

2) Maybe after I take off my clothes? I see myself in the mirror quite often after taking a bath. But I don’t think I look in the mirror too often compared with the other members. Junsu and Jejung look in the mirror all the time!

3) Actions instead of words. I think having a sense of responsibility is the most important. It’s not just promising things to the others around you, but to be able to act on them. I think this is the most important thing to a guy. I’m also trying my best to do this.

4) (Pic: Smiley face heart smiley face) This represents someone else and me and the mutual trust between us. I usually use it to say “It’ll be okay!” or “Cheer up!”

5) It has to be HUG. It’s because of this song that Tohoshinki exists. I really liked that song back then, but since it was our first time recording, there are noticeable differences between then and now (he’s saying it’s worse), like the pronunciation (laughs). Even though we put a lot of zeal in singing it, when I hear it now, it sounds a bit stiff. I feel that you can tell “Ah! It’s from a new artist!” But it does bring back memories. It’s a shame that we couldn’t but “愛せない愛したい” in the album this time. I really like this song, and because I was young back then, I didn’t really understand the meaning of the song. But if I sing it now, I may be able to transmit some of those feelings to the audience!

6) Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”. I constantly listen to it!

7) This is an album filled with memories of Tohoshinki since our debut, and you can really feel our growth here. When you see the DVD, you’ll probably feel that we’ve matured. Various patterns of “Rising Sun” are included, and if you could listen to it once more carefully, I would be really happy. Through this album… This is a present from all of us.

Even though he’s the youngest, he’s focused. The charm of his high voice…


1) The back-view of a girl cooking. Not only that, but also when she’s washing dishes, doing housework, etc. If it’s her words, it’s “I’m cold!” It makes me want to protect her (from the cold).

2) Maybe my jaw line? I’ve been working out recently, so my jaw line has become sharper.

3) I recently think it’s when it’s cool when a guy always has sufficient time to do everything. For example, say you have to leave by 3 o’clock and finish preparing by 2:50. Instead of being limited to the schedule, prepare ahead so that you can move freely about. I really treasure the time when I’m free to do something that gives me a sense of accomplishment in private during time off from work or during holidays…

4) (smiley picture) This is like a picture of someone smiling and feeling shy at the same time. I use it when I want to say sorry, like after a joke. I think messaging is troublesome, which is why I call people more often, but if I have a girlfriend, I’ll message her often!

5) Beautiful You. The shooting area for the PV was a wedding place, but I thought it was really pretty. If I get married here, I imagine that many people would congratulate me. I would also be super happy (laughs) and it’ll probably be very memorable. I also like the content of the lyrics. I think everyone has a first love. Even though the lyrics are simple, I think everyone would be able to relate.

6) Maroon 5’s “Sandy Monica”. I listen to it at least once a day.

7) Because this album is called “Best Selection” and not “Best Album”, we picked with great care the songs to be included in this CD. We wish that these songs would bring you happiness if you listened to them once again, and with this thought in mind, we chose our songs. Please listen to all the tracks from beginning to end without skipping.

Called Asia’s treasure…


1) When a girl is jealous. If I had to work in a place where other girls are around, I want to see her say “No~ (in cutesy way)” or “Don’t go~”. It would make me happy, and I cannot help but hug her. It’s cute. But if she says it too much, that’s not good (laughs)!!

2) My butt! It’s a bit small, but it perks up… I can’t think of anything else but my butt.

3) A considerate heart. Whether it’s towards girls, friends, it’s to think of others before yourself. Of course, in work too! I think that’s the most manly thing.

4) (^^ii) When I’m shy and embarrassed, I use this quite often.

5) Whenever I sing “Forever Love”, I cry! The melody and lyrics really enter your heart. Even though we have other sad songs, this song has… parts that relate and link to my experiences. I usually cry singing this in Tokyo Dome and other concerts. To not make the melody or tune sound weird, I try my best to hold (my tears) in…but the tune usually comes out weird anyways (laughs). It’s really a song that makes you cry!! The most emotional part is when I face Yuchun and harmonize with him. Also in the last part where I harmonize with Jejung too!

6) Brian McKnight’s “One Last Cry”. I like the whole atmosphere of the song. I heard it a long time ago, but I still sing it myself quite often now~ I constantly have it on repeat.

7) I’m really happy that we’re able to release a best album. The reason we’re able to come here, myself and Tohoshinki as a group, is because of everyone’s support during this long period. This album contains all of our memories, from the hard times to the happy ones. Please listen to it a lot.

Proficient in English and the guy who has a sexy low voice…


1)When she wakes up in the morning, brushing her teeth while her hair is still ruffled and wearing a guy’s shirt…I want to hug her then~

2) My wide forehead….not! My thick lips!! My bottom lip is really thick. I wished it was thicker before. I think when my mom gave birth to me and saw my lips, she must have said “Oh my! His lips are thick!” (laughs).

3) A guy with enough time. Rather than a person who does something hungrily (as if pressed for time), someone who is more relaxed. I tried my best going out and not staying at home recently. When I’m in Korea, I go out on drives alone often. I drive around famous spots while listening to music in the car. I want to drive in Japan too, but aren’t the car lanes opposite? I’m feel uneasy about the traffic rules too.

4) (TT TT;;) This is like saying “Hurry and come”. I use this when I feel happy or lonely.

5) Shine. Honestly, I thought this song had a weak impact at first. But now when I hear it, I like it because it’s a happy song, and the PV is quite stylish too. The dance is nice also. That’s why I think it would be nice if we could promote this song more through activities.

6) Lil’ John & the East Side Boyz feat. Usher & Ludacris ‘s “Lovers and Friends”. The arrange is really simple, but to express yourself fully in that simplicity is really rare. When I travel, I listen to it a lot. I listen to….Tohoshinki’s songs too, but only from time to time (laughs).

7) It’ll put you in a lovely mood! Please support this album!! We hope you don’t listen to this album with memories of past songs and activities, but to listen to it with the expectations of new activities and songs. We’re filled with hopes for the future.

Beautiful face X Beautiful Voice. But a completely natural personality?


1) When I see a girl with a petite figure, I really want to hug her. It’s not that petite girls are my type, but I just want to try hugging her (laughs). Don’t they look small and cute? Words that make my heart race…what is it… “I’m sleepy” etc. Are they words someone said to me before? What/What? It’s just my imagination!!

2&3) My broad shoulders. There are a lot of guys with muscles in Korea, so when I go back, I work out a lot, and when I come back to Japan, I stop. Japan has a lot of “herbivore boys”, right? That’s why I try to fit in with them. My body is very busy!

4) (!!) I write this because when I’m with Yuchun, he writes it a lot~! That’s why I use it. When a message like “Jejung, have you eaten yet?” comes, I’ll write back “I’ve eaten!!”

5) Love in the Ice <3 It’s probably the most emotional song out of them all. I cry a lot singing this. Whether it’s the chorus or the last part, I cry in them all!! I also like “Share the World”. It makes me feel good singing it!

6) J.Holiday’s songs. Even though the singing is good, I think the arrangement is amazing. He’s like my type of person. I listen to Tohoshinki’s songs sometimes. During that time, my Korean friend told me “So that’s how it is in Japan” regarding “The Secret Code” album. After, he said, “There’re quite a lot of songs”. Our image in Japan and Korea are a bit different. He also said it was really great that we sang other types of songs too!!

7) Personally I think it’s a shame that “Kiss the Baby Sky” wasn’t in this album. I really love that song! Also “愛せない愛したい”!! If I could, I would put all of them in there, but it’s a shame we couldn’t. We picked the best out of the best songs, so we hope you listen to it a lot!!

Source: Non-No Magazine
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